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French wines are also famous but these types of wines are named after the variety of grapes they are produced from but Italian red wines are named on the province where from that particular wine is produced. The makers of Italian red wine use grapes of different varieties. Most of these varieties are unavailable in other parts of the world.

Due to the exclusive tarter taste, Italian red wines are not preferred generally for simple sipping purpose, but it is a perfect table-mate during a meal. Valpolicella, Merlot, Barolo, and Chianti are some of the most popular red wines.

Valpolicella is named after a region in Italy famous for wine producing. There are three different grape varieties – Corvina, Molinara, and Rondinella – all are blended together to produce an excellent red wine, exclusive in this region. Valpolicella is a comparatively light kind of wine. Chianti, on reverse, is considered as a perfect companion for an Italian meal. It is produced in the region of the same geographical name.

Barolo is another popular brand of red wine produced in the same named region. As Chianti and Valpolicella are made from a mixed blending, Barolo is generated from a single type of grapes named Nebbiolo. It takes almost ten years time for Barolo to optimum aging in a perfect way. A perfectly made Barolo has a typical aroma of raspberries, roses, and earth.

If someone prefers a simple type of Italian wine, Merlot could do the magic. The Tuscany region produces a number of great Italian red wines also. Some Italian red wines are very expensive, but most of them are quite affordable in price. Italian red wines are available for purchase from online stores, exclusive retail outlets or any of the stores.


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